Best Hose Joiner In Australia

Hose connectors are couplings that are used to very tightly attach hoses to high-pressure air outlets and water outlets of different types. These hose joiners are very versatile as they can be used in commercial settings, domestic usage along industries. The media passing across the hose is usually solid like flour, sugar, and relevant things. However, liquid products like chemicals and oils, and compressed air can also pass through.

Various Types Of Hose Connectors

Just like most other devices, the hose connector designs are generally found in two different shapes, in reference to the manner they are connected to the hose or each other while they are used. For instance, one of the designs is connected through insertion, whereas the other one is done through the encirclement.

Both these hose connector designs have different subtypes. The one that attaches through encirclement is available in compatible connectors, which can work well with the insertion design hose connectors as well.

The different types of hose connectors are:

  • Air Hose Connector: this connector offers very tight and strong seals for the purpose of attaching high-pressure hoses to air pumps, breathing tanks, and brakes.
  • Water Hose Connector: the liquid hose is generally used in homes and domestic settings like home gardens. However, water hose connectors are also used in other places, especially for cooling and cleaning purposes. However, it must be noted that water hose connectors should be saved from damages to prevent leakages. These leakages in back gardens may not be an issue, but leakage in factories can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, a tight and reliable seal is important, which you will find at our store.
  • Steel Hose Connector: the blend of steel and carbon makes this connector. The carbon steel is way stronger than the regular hose connector if it is properly treated. Bringing variations in the blend of carbon and steel offers various strengths and levels of resistance to corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Hose Connector: since this is an alloy of steel and chromium, the Stainless steel hose connector is very well resistant to rust and other corrosive elements like saltwater. Most importantly, the stainless steel hose connectors can be used with very high-pressure liquids.
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