Thomas & Betts, an electrical corporation, developed cable ties in 1958 under the brand label Ty-Rap. Originally, they were made for wire straps in aircraft. Metal teeth were used in the initial version, and these are still available. You can find all the types of car clips at Car Clip Company.

We make the most popular cable tie that is made up of elastic nylon tape with an embedded scale included on one end and a buckle on the other, all enclosed in a tiny open case. The cable tie’s angled edge cannot be drawn back until it has been pushed through the casing and through the ratchet, thus resulting in a tight knot.

Zip ties could be the best answer if the cords are being extended over a long area by cable tray, across a floorboard, or overhead by j hooks. If placed close enough together, a zip tie can do wonders. It is also one of the best solutions when it comes to cars.

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Discounted cable ties

If you are on a budget and do not want to invest a big amount of money, then do not worry, as Car Clip Company has got you covered. We provide discounted cable ties so that you do not have to worry about running out of cash.

We promise to deliver you the finest quality cable ties at a minimal rate. Take care of your car, wires and everything else easily with the best cable ties in Australia with the best car clipping company.

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Bulk cable tie

Not sure how many bulk cable ties you should buy? The answer lies in the reason why you want to purchase these.

The maximal weight that one tie can comfortably bear is demonstrated by the strength of the type of ties you select. When it comes to large objects, you can use multiple zip ties to spread the weight of the object you're trying to protect. Purchasing zip ties in bulk will help you do this efficiently and affordably.

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Long zip ties

Are you stuck in a situation where small zip ties are just not enough? This is where long zip ties come into action. These are ideal for the scenarios where you need to cover larger or thicker surfaces or objects.

For the purpose of organising, you can need a long zip tie to protect thicker cable packages. You may need a longer cable tie if you are a gardener, or for hoses and other such items. HVAC installers and repairers can use them to protect ductwork temporarily. Long zip ties are also used by truckers to secure big, heavy loads.

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